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English Case Law Reports - Older Citations.


(PRE-1865) 1100s-1563
During this period cases were reported in the Year Books and Plea Rolls. The Year Books have been reprinted by the Selden Society, while the Plea Rolls have been selectively reprinted by both the Selden Society and the Pipe Roll Society. Originally the Year Books were published, beginning in the 1480s, in law-French therefore making usage very difficult. Reprints have been translated. Original purpose of Year Books is unknown however it is more likely that they were used for educational reasons rather than for precedent. Citations to the Yearbooks are as follows: YB 11 Hen.6 Hil. pl.10 (this refers to the yearbook for the 11th year of the reign of Henry 6th, Hillary term, pleading number 10).
1571-1865 The Nominate Reports.
Over 260 "old reports" are referred to generically as the Nominate Reports. This term refers to the fact that the reports are named after the individual publishing the reports (e.g. Giffard). Many of these reports were collections and therefore were not reporting current material. There is much overlap and a wide range in the quality of the reporting. Four of the more heavily cited nominate reports are Plowden, Coke, Burrow and Durnford & East (the first to cover terms of court).
The English Reports (Full Reprint)
PERIOD COVERED: 1220 - 1865
ARRANGEMENT & COVERAGE: 178 volumes (the last two volumes are index volumes). A reprint of over 100,000 cases contained in the nominate reports.
ACCESS: Two case index volumes at the end of the set and a separate pamphlet that provides a chart to indicate which nominate reports are in which volume of the English Reports.
OF NOTE: When two or more versions of the same case were available in different nominate reports the more accurate version was chosen for inclusion in the English Reports. Dates of cases are not always available.
Revised Reports
PERIOD COVERED: 1786 - 1866
ARRANGEMENT & COVERAGE: 152 volumes of reports of the superior courts still of use to the profession at the time of publication (1891-1920).
ACCESS: Table of cases volume and a subject index-digest in two volumes.
OF NOTE: Edited by Sir Frederick Pollock.
All England Law Reports Reprint
PERIOD COVERED: 1558 - 1935 ARRANGEMENT & COVERAGE: 6,000 of the "more important" cases in 36 volumes, some volumes spanning many years.

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