Beluga Nomination or à la guerre comme à la guerre. Last updated 11-Oct-2014

BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO and the International Transport Workers’ Federation have issued a joint statement expressing their outrage that Somali pirates have executed, apparently in cold blood, a seafarer on the merchant ship Beluga Nomination…

"The international shipping industry is truly disturbed at reports that pirates have been torturing seafarers physically and mentally, often in the most barbaric ways,… including hanging them over the ship’s side by ropes around their ankles with their heads under water and even subjecting them to the horrendous practice of keelhauling."

Piracy. Murder at sea - Beluga Nomination

Of course this murder, like any other is a terrible thing by itself… But, unfortunately, not all of us have yet realised that piracy is not just ‘nasty business of bad guys’, but that is a WAR, albeit a criminal war. This war began from the first shot made by Somalian bandits attacking merchant vessel on the high seas and since then it just goes on and on.

How one would describe automatic gun and RGB grenades shooting on streets of our towns? I'm afraid such civil unrest would be very close to civil war… then why we shall underestimate consequences of same actions on the high seas? And another question - what do we expect from armed bandits? Robbing and killing is their business, the war is their business - not the piece, this why all democratic ideas and legal battles around Somalian piracy are so fruitless until now.

Somalian hostages, of course, must be freed by any means, but I would not rely much on their status of hostages. They are in reality - captives. If, by some magic, tomorrow all seamen will be released from their captivity, then quite evidently a military action against pirates (at least at sea) would be imminent. Pirates know this only too well…

Therefore the only way for pirates to survive is to take more and more captives and the only way to prevent it, is to fire back at them (or physically eliminate source of aggression) - a la guerre comme a la guerre.

In my view united military forces shall concentrate their efforts first of all on how to release seamen from Somalia and secondly and simultaneously - by all means prevent any further hijacking. It looks terribly hard to achieve but do we have any other option?

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