Carriage of goods – Seaworthiness is a promise on the part of the carrier without any actual proof – Inevitable consequence of a defect in that which the carrier has engaged to provide

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Cases referring to this case:

Readhead v Midland Rly Co (1869) LR 4 QB 379

Lyon v Mells (1804) 5 East 428

A quantity of yarn of the plaintiffs was delivered on board a lighter of the defendant’s, to be carried therein from a quay at Hull to a sloop of one William Barton lying in a dock there, and to be delivered on board the same, for a reasonable reward to be paid to the defendant. The plaintiffs claimed damages for loss to the yarn sustained due to the fact that the lighter was leaky and had nearly sunk in the dock before the yarn could be unloaded from the lighter into the sloop.


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