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Now, while a notice of readiness given by the ship may be a condition precedent, whether express or implied, to the duty of the charterer to load, as at present advised I see no reason for assuming that it is a condition precedent to his right - a very far-reaching right - to put the contract to an end if the ship is not ready or does not arrive by a particular date.
Aktiebolaget Nordiska Lloyd v Brownlie & Co (Hull), Ltd. (The Gevalia) (1925) 30 Com. Cas 307

Laycan & Laytime

Some voyage charter forms expressly tie up commencement of laytime with commencement of laycan. Where, however, no clear and firm backlink between laycan and NOR established, the only another requirement valid for both provisions is that position from which vessel may tender a valid NOR must be the same position which vessel has to reach to meet laycan deadline. As it was held in Aktiebolaget Nordiska Lloyd v Brownlie & Co (Hull), Ltd. (The Gevalia) (1925) 30 Com. Cas 307, in absence of express wording, timely arrival of the vessel itself and not the tender of valid NOR is a prerequisite of compliance with the cancelling clause conditions.

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