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The moral law, the civil, military, common laws, the code of honour, custom, the rules of practical life, of civility, of amorous conversation, gallantry, to say nothing of Christianity for those that practise it. All sometimes, indeed generally, at variance; none ever in an entirely harmonious relation to the rest; and a man is perpetually required to choose one rather than another, perhaps (in his particular case) its contrary. It is as though our strings were each tuned according to a completely separate system - it is as though the poor ass were surrounded by four and twenty mangers.

Author makes no efforts to compete with either academic sites developed and supported by law schools and legal firms or with web pages of the institutional maritime organisations. This site represents results of author’s research in the following fields:

a) recent developments in Shipping/Maritime Law

b) English case law on voyage and time charters;

c) frustration, assessment of damages and fundamental breach.

d) maritime safety and security, good seamanship, navigation and shiphandling, carriage of dangerous goods

e) piracy and criminalisation of seafarers.

Materials published on this site represent author’s own opinion and conclusions, unless stated otherwise.

Capt. Igor Sterzhantov, LLM

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